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“Has Asian American Studies Failed?” // Day 1

  • 150 mins

PAAFF Conference “Has asian american studies failed?”

In 2012, Timothy Yu published a short article titled “Has Asian American Studies Failed?” In it, he argued that—although Asian American Studies is now an established academic field—it has largely failed “in our goal of shifting the racial discourse around Asians in the United States.” He stated that Asian Americanists needed to take their work to the public: to be advocates and “cultural first responders” who popularized the field’s insights. Now that seven years have passed, it is time for us to take stock. What has changed, and what hasn’t? The three-day conference taking place Fri Nov 8 – Sun Nov 10 at University of Pennsylvania will seek to answer these questions.

In this program

Bamboo Dogs

Directed by Khavn

Four criminals, four cops in a van. On what should have been just another night on the job, police officers Esquivel and Corazon receive an order that seems simple enough at first: fix an arrest mix-up by taking a notorious group of robbers to a camp where they will be let go.

Queer API Intersectionality Workshop

Presented by Philly Asian and Queer

A Mind-Hacker’s Guide to Understanding & Healing Trauma

Due Quach, Founder and CEO Calm Clarity

Asian American Cinema: Past, Present, & Future

Rob Buscher, PAAFF Festival Director
Selena Yip, PAAFF Communications Director