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Asian American Cinema: Past, Present, & Future

  • 30 mins

Nov 8 • 4:30-5pm
Institute of Contemporary Art
(Free Event)

Rob Buscher, PAAFF Festival Director
Selena Yip, PAAFF Communications Director

To close the first day of the PAAFF Conference, Festival Director Rob Buscher and Communications Director Selena Yip will co-host a discussion about the past, present, and future of Asian American media. Discussing emerging trends from an industry insider perspective, the conversation will also draw from Buscher’s extensive research on Asian Americans in Early Hollywood.

This program will feature an excerpt from short film Home: Asian American Blues.

In “Home: Asian American Blues,” artist and filmmaker Kyoko Takenaka has created a bold statement on Asian American representation. This multimedia presentation includes original song and poetry, video clips, audio recordings, references to pop culture, and stereotypical representations of Asians.