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JACL Youth Tsuru for Solidarity Coalition Building Panel

  • 90 mins

Nov 9 • 9:30-11am
University of Pennsylvania, Irvine Building, Cafe 58
(Free Event)

Presented by Tsuru for Solidarity
Chair: Mike Ishii, Tsuru for Solidarity East Coast coordinator

“Tsuru for Solidarity is a direct action, nonviolent project of allied organizations within the Japanese American community in collaboration with allied national organizations and networks… Tsuru for Solidarity was conceived as a way to give voice to the moral outrage of the Japanese American and Japanese Latin American community at the ongoing mass detentions in the United States. The project also became a vehicle to show solidarity with front-line immigrant communities fighting injustice, mass incarceration and deportation.”

As a part of this mission, Tsuru for Solidarity East Coast coordinator, Mike Ishii, will lead a panel of community representatives from diverse backgrounds working to support the rights of immigrants. They will discuss the lasting impact of incarceration and racial profiling across marginalized communities in America. Ishii will also discuss the steps that Tsuru for Solidarity is taking to protest immigrant detention and bring to light an intersectional fight for freedom and equality in the modern era. He will also give guidelines for community members interested in coalition building in preparation for a TFS-lead action in Washington D.C. scheduled for May of 2020. This workshop is hosted and co-facilitated by the JACL National Youth/Student Council.