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Dance Artist: Annielille Gavino

  • 75 mins

Filipinx dance artist Annielille Gavino will present a mixed media film and dance performance as part of the PAPA Mini-Residency Showcase. The performance will consist of two pieces and a post-performance talkback.

Ala drunk history of the Philippines
Ala drunk history of the Philippines is the re-enactment of the battle of Mactan, Philippines. The video reclaims the story that Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the globe. Inspired by Comedy Central’s Drunk History, this video tells the rarely told story that Magellan was killed by an indigenous leader, Lapu Lapu, and that the islands lived in prosperity prior to the coming of colonizers.

De(scribing) Maharlikha
De(scribing) Maharlikha is an interdisciplinary performance using film and dance to depict pre-colonial Philippines. The performance begins with a film of a mother telling her child about her ancestors. The mother then brings the goddess in her to life, showcasing precolonial animistic practices.

Followed by a brief reception hosted by Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists.

Dates & Times


Fleisher Art Memorial

Thu, Nov 14
8:30 pm