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Visual Documentaries Project by Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies

  • 100 mins

In 2012, the Visual Documentary Project was set up to offer a platform where young Southeast Asian filmmakers could share their realities through documentaries and act as a bridge between the filmmaking and academic communities. Each year the project receives documentaries on a specific theme offering filmmakers to present their visions to broader global audiences. Whether it is popular music, art, literature, theater, comedy, dance, sports or film, the region is both a huge producer and consumer of shared forms of culture. The selection of documentaries in this program include the consumption of cosplay (Thailand, Vietnam), martial arts (Indonesia), theatre (Cambodia), and the transmission of and evolution of rap music (Thailand).

VDP is organized as a project of Kyoto University’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS).

Director of Kyoto University North American Center Nathan Badenoch is expected in attendance to lead a post-film discussion and Q&A.

In this program

The Cambodian Theater

Directed by Sopheake Moeurn

Currently in Cambodia, Khmer Theater is in decline as fewer people watch it and don’t know about its existence.

The Fighter

Directed by Marjito Iskandar Tri Gunawan

“The Fighter” introduces Pencak Dor martial arts fighting and the story of Pati, who aims to compete in the ring.


Directed by Yingsiwat Yamolyong

This documentary delves into the little-known world of soldier cosplay subculture in Thailand.


Directed by & Sarun Kositsukjaroen, Sakunee Jirakan, Witchayoot Ponpraserd

“Rapthai” introduces how “rap” culture has taken root in and influenced contemporary Thai society.

Rito Rito

Directed by Nguyen Ngoc Thao Ly

A 15-year-old girl Rito (nickname) is bullied at school, becomes depressed, and leaves at grade 7.

Dates & Times


Fleisher Art Memorial

Wed, Nov 13
6:00 pm