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Thai Life Insurance Shorts

  • 30 mins

The Thai Life Insurance ads have been described as “consistently, tear-jerkingly brilliant” by advertising insiders. This year we’ve taken a fresh approach to film appreciation by programming a selection of Thai Life Insurance ads into our festival. Originally crafted to embody the company’s core value, “value of life,” these ads can be viewed as short films in and of themselves. Spanning from the early 2000s to today, and offering glimpses into the lives of everyday people, these ads also comprise an impressive body of work by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok. The program will include: “Unsung Hero,” “Melody of Life,” “Everlasting Love,” “Silence of Love,” “My Son, Marry Me,” “Peace of Mind,” “Forget Me Not,” and “#TreasureEveryOpportunity.”

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Fleisher Art Memorial

Wed, Nov 13
5:00 pm