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Have You Eaten Yet? Shorts

  • 56 mins

Does longing have a flavor? Can sorrow ever taste sweet? Far from a mere necessity, food forms a universal language with the power to unite communities, mend relationships, and express emotions when words fail. We promise, these culturally diverse and visually rich shorts will leave you satisfied.

In this program

Lumpia Campesina

Directed by Robert Karimi

Famed culinary icon Chef Stache interviews the legendary Iranian-Guatemalan cook, Mero Cocinero, who traces his love for a special Filipino dish by taking us back to the San Francisco Bay Area of his teenage years.


Directed by Renee Y. Liang

Every egg is born into the world carrying untold potential—each could hatch into something with a bright and promising future.


Directed by Kayleb Lee

For centuries, continuous wars and conflicts ravaged Southeast Asia.

Chinese Breakfast

Directed by Maria Isabel Burnes

Discover the secret of how gastronomically delightful Chinese breakfast became a Panamanian tradition!

The Ice Cake Man

Directed by Max Cho

A man finds meaning in a childhood memory as he searches for the last words to say to his dying grandfather.

Eve’s Dinner

Directed by Huanxi Li

After raising her only child and sending her abroad for further education, a mother eats Spring Festival dinner alone for the first time.

Spam 3 Ways

Directed by Christopher Kim

Spam is the reason Christopher Hwisu Kim doesn’t completely hate himself.

Dates & Times


Institute of Contemporary Art

Sun, Nov 10
3:30 pm