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Experimental Video Art Festival

  • 106 mins

The 3rd iteration of the 12G Contemporary Video Art Festival celebrates contemporary video art—that is, contemporary art using recorded moving images, created by artists from or about the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. This 3rd edition of the juried show will be co-presented by Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF) during their 10 day festival. Subjects and themes for the exhibit include queer, controversial, poetic, abstract, political, philosophical, uncensored—anything that stretches beyond conventional. This year’s line-up includes twelve original experimental works selected from nineteen hundred submissions after detailed deliberations from our judges on the merits of art, filmmaking, experimentation, representation, opportunities, and aesthetics. 12GatesArts is forever grateful to the 12Gates team, judges, and PAAFF and to all the artists and filmmakers who submitted their work. Artist Sharlene Bamboat expected in attendance at the November 12 presentation.

In this program

The Remains

Directed by Nawa Nidhi Dahal

A stream of consciousness progression of an elderly man’s hallucinatory experience.

Shirin and Farhad

Directed by Rahim Karimzadeh

This animated short is based on the old Persian myths of Shirin and Farhad and takes a critical look at the impact of the media on humans and native cultures.

The Stitch

Directed by Asiya Zahoor

Set near the LOC towards the extreme north of Kashmir, “The Stitch” takes us into the life of a nine-year-old girl who finds respite in drawing despite the fact that she has to navigate difficult geographical terrains and occasionally crossfire to go to school.

Video Home System

Directed by Sharlene Bamboat

Tracing the convergence of popular culture and politics in Pakistan during the 1980s-90s, this video showcases the connections between pop culture and nationalism and how bootleg economies kept the cinema industry alive during periods of censorship.


Directed by Ankita Panda

“Slurp” is an observation of sexual harassment and objectification through the male gaze.

The Red

Directed by Elif Şimşek

In a dystopian universe where red and apples are forbidden, Pigeon violates these prohibitions and searches for the reason why they are contraband.

Stage of History

Directed by Sahand Sarhaddi

An experimental take on the relationship between performance, history, and the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Two Winters Before

Directed by Malas Twins

During wartime, everything vanishes—people, streets, stones, friends, cafes, trees, and hope.

Your Body Must Be Heard

Directed by Özlem Sarıyıldız

This project is a manifestation that hails through the thresholds of the lands of desires.

Everything is Under Control

Directed by Reza Masoud

An artist talks to himself to make sense of his personal situation.

Romantic Scene

Directed by Arshia Fatima Haq

A short film examining the tropes of gendered violence in commercial Bollywood films from the 70s and 80s to which the filmmaker was exposed during their childhood and adolescence.

One Minute Love

Directed by Negin Aminzadeh

In memory of Abbas Kiarostami.

Dates & Times


Twelve Gates Arts

Tue, Nov 12
6:00 pm

Twelve Gates Arts

Sun, Nov 17
2:00 pm