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Burdens We Share

  • 71 mins

Whether focused on the bond between a mother and her child or the desperate urge to make memories while there is time, these six shorts remind us of the ties that bind us to those who matter most—something we desperately need at a time when our communities can feel more fragmented than ever.

Filmmakers expected in attendance for a post Q&A

In this program


Directed by Anna Mikami

After assaulting a police officer to save his undocumented friend, a man chooses to live his last night of freedom in pursuit of the American Dream with his pregnant girlfriend.

The Pit Where You Were Born

Directed by Alexander Bocchieri

A father and son reunite around the family ‘imu of their Wai’anae farm to reckon with addiction, control, and a past that continues to color their future.

My Daughter Yoshiko

Directed by Brian Blum

With her daughter Yoshiko diagnosed with autism and her husband serving in the military overseas, Saki Omura is finding it harder and harder to cope.

How You Abandoned Your Cat

Directed by Daniel Lee

“How You Abandoned Your Cat” is an experimental documentary memoir that delves deep into a fragmented family’s history.


Directed by Natalie A. Chao & Kenzo K. Le

“Tether” is a music video about what remains when our loved ones leave.

The Distance Between Us

Directed by Jeffrey Wu

Accompanied by his father and equipped with filming gear, a grandson travels to his homeland in China to capture what would be his final moments with his grandmother.

Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Fri, Nov 15
4:30 pm