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When We Walk

Directed by Jason DaSilva

When filmmaking becomes an act of desperate love, survival, and confrontation with the abyss, the result is When We Walk.

When We Walk chronicles the life of disability activist and filmmaker Jason DaSilva as he confronts the next chapter of his life. Picking up where his critically acclaimed documentary, When I Walk, left off, DaSilva finds himself faced with a multitude of challenges that will define the rest of his life. The personal struggles we witnessed in his first film are only getting more complex.

After 15 years of multiple sclerosis, DaSilva finds himself paralyzed from the neck down. His 7-year-long relationship with his son Jase’s mother falls apart when she and moves to Texas with Jase. Instead of folding to the circumstances, Jason straps his camera bag to his wheelchair and sets off for Texas. When We Walk chronicles the issues of America’s broken Medicaid system and exposes the plight that similarly handicapped people face in America.

Director Jason DaSilva expected in attendance.

Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Sun, Nov 17
12:45 pm