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What We Left Unfinished

Directed by Mariam Ghani

What We Left Unfinished tells the incredible and mostly true story of five unfinished feature films from the Communist era in Afghanistan. At a time when films were considered weapons and their creators targets, this documentary highlights the extraordinary bravery and dedication of these filmmakers in honing their craft. The unstable regime led to creative breakthroughs where reality merged with fiction on screen. Archival fictions, present-day recollections, and two Afghanistans—imagined and real—coexist in a film that reminds us that nations are inventions. And films can reinvent them.

The program will have an encore screening on Sunday, November 17 from 2-4PM.

Curated by 12G.

12G Film Jury:
Mehrin Masud-Elias
Shehrezad Maher
Sonali Gulati
Dev Benegal
Anjli Patel
Sameet K. Mann

Dates & Times


Lightbox Film Center

Sun, Nov 10
4:20 pm