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We Wove A Net: A Documentary about Growing Up Asian America in Michigan

Directed by Harsha Nahata

University of Pennsylvania, Irvine Building, Cafe 58

“We Wove a Net” is a short film about what it means to grow up Asian American. Through the eyes of women in four immigrant families in southeast Michigan, we unpack the stories that are told in our communities about coming to this country. Along the journey, we ask ourselves what is lost in this pursuit of the American Dream; we search for spaces that can hold all the parts of us; and finally, we seek a different type of love, one grounded in healing and compassion for ourselves. Director Nahata will make a presentation about the film after the screening.

Plays in

“Has Asian American Studies Failed?” // Day 3

In 2012, Timothy Yu published a short article titled “Has Asian American Studies Failed?”

Dates & Times


UPenn Irvine Building

Sun, Nov 10
1:00 pm