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Lucky Grandma

Directed by Sasie Sealy

What if the Coen Brothers dropped a fearless ah-ma into a black comedy-tinged neo noir set in Chinatown?

In the heart of Chinatown, New York, an ornery, chain-smoking, newly widowed 80-year-old Grandma (Tsai Chin) is eager to live life as an independent woman, despite the concerns of her family. When a local fortune teller (Wai Ching Ho) predicts a most auspicious day, Grandma decides to head to the casino and goes all in, only to land herself on the wrong side of luck. Having attracted the attention of local gangsters, Grandma employs the services of a bodyguard from a rival gang (Corey Ha) and soon finds herself in the middle of a Chinatown gang war.

Director Sasie Sealy brings to life a dark comedy about immigrant life, the vulnerabilities of aging, and an unexpected friendship. Set in alleyways and underground mahjong parlors with a cast of richly drawn characters, Lucky Grandma is a love letter to Chinatown and an homage to all the headstrong elderly women who inhabit it.

Actors Lyman Chen, Woody Fu, and Michael Tow expected in attendance for Q&A.


Your movie ticket to Lucky Grandma gives you immediate all access to the Artist Bash at the Barnes Foundation. We are offering tickets to this special screening on a sliding scale. Using a sliding scale for ticket prices will allow us to create greater accessibility for our community to this event while still supporting PAAFF and the artists that make this possible.

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Since 2017, PAAFF has been a founding partner of the Barnes Foundation event series titled Artist Bash. This series is dedicated to showcasing performance artists of color in an attempt to overcome the historical lack of representation in a predominantly white institution.

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Dates & Times


Barnes Foundation

Sat, Nov 16
6:00 pm