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Happy Cleaners

Directed by Julian Kim and Peter S. Lee

When Kevin Choi wishes to move to L.A. to start a food truck business, he unwittingly sets off a chain of events that strain his relationship with his parents and sister. Kevin’s passionate and deep connection with Korean food is at odds with his parents’ desire for him to attend college. As tensions mount with their son and daughter rebelling against them, the elder Chois also have to contend with a failing dry cleaning business.

Filmed in the heart of Flushing, New York, Happy Cleaners explores the struggling immigrant and Korean food cultures where food can act as both an intercontinental and an intergenerational bridge.

Directors Julian Kim and Peter S. Lee, Producer + Co-writer Kat Kim, and other cast members expected in attendance.

Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Sun, Nov 17
2:30 pm