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Empty By Design

Directed by Andrea A. Walter

Empty by Design explores struggle of identity that results from living and growing up in multiple places and different cultures. Samantha, a recent university graduate, moves back home to Manila after her parents have passed away while Eric, a Hollywood stuntman and body double, comes back to shoot a new film. Since moving back home, Samantha can’t seem to connect with her friends or family, and has difficulty expressing her frustration and feelings to her sister. Similarly, Eric struggles to bond with his estranged grandmother, culture, and aspects surrounding his job. On a night out, Eric has a brief encounter with Samantha. When the two meet again, they discover a lost high school friendship and a newfound meaning of what it means to be “home.”

Producer and actor Osric Chau expected in attendance for a post Q&A.

Dates & Times


Fleisher Art Memorial

Thu, Nov 14
7:00 pm