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Dragonmasters: A Cultural Odyessy

Directed by Rik Zak and Jun Ren

Dragonmasters: A Cultural Odyssey is the untold story of the Chinese dragon in America, from its roots in China to the triumph of the arts and culture over violence and hatred. When this symbol of good fortune and benevolence first arrived, it found communities in trouble and was soon employed by their handlers to battle prejudice, violence, and exclusion.

Using a mix of documentary interviews, archival material, and vérité footage, and filmed in six locations in New York, California, Canada, and China, this 70-minute “authored-documentary” film is the story of the evolution and cultural impact of the Chinese dragon and its Masters
in America.

Executive Producer Chuck Schroeder expected in attendance for a post Q&A.

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Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Fri, Nov 15
6:00 pm